Is Outsource Marketing the Right Solution For You?

Outsource marketing is a growing trend in both large and small businesses. But does it make sense for your business? If you answer yes to three or more of the following, then outsource marketing is worth exploring.


A 10 Point Check List

  1. Do you have a budget for a marketing staffer but can’t seem to recruit the talent and expertise you require?
  2. Do you have aggressive business goals but are not sure how to best leverage the marketing dollars?
  3. Have tried various marketing tactics but have the ROI less than what you had hoped?
  4. Do marketing activities always get pushed to the side of the desk as other priorities arise?
  5. Have you had challenges executing your annual marketing plan?
  6. Do you have marketing staff but they are overwhelmed and need support and mentoring?
  7. Do you need to cover a marketing mat leave and are having trouble filling that role?
  8. Does your competition always seem to be one step ahead of you with respects to marketing?
  9. Are you interested in building an internal marketing team but want guidance on how to go about this?
  10. Would guidance and advice from senior marketers help you make better business decisions?

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